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Sit less and move more!

On Your Feet Britain - Convert your sitting time to standing time! Regular exercise and a balanced diet hold enormous benefits for your health, both now and in the future! Being active isn’t easy for everyone;... Read more

Date: 26/04/2017

Hay Fever

Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is often treated as the poor relation of eczema and asthma – just a bit of a seasonal inconvenience. It is an allergy to house dust, house dust mites, moulds, trees, grass pollens... Read more

Date: 26/04/2017

Bowel Cancer Signs and Symptoms

With April being Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness of the key symptoms of bowel cancer and encourage more people to discuss them with their doctor earlier.  Mr... Read more

Date: 13/04/2017

Children with leaky nose (Rhinorrhoea)

  How does it impact on the child’s routine life? It is associated with reduced quality of life because of its impact on sleep. Such children can have reduced school attendance and academic performance.... Read more

Date: 04/04/2017

Better Together

  Dr Kelleher, Consultant Medical Oncologist, was recently a guest speaker at Future Dreams' 'United for Her' ladies lunch at The Savoy.  Dr Kelleher shared her commitment to breast cancer... Read more

Date: 04/04/2017

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Explained

  In our latest consultant FAQ, Mr Vik Veer, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon talks about two common problems that keep many of us awake at night; snoring and sleep apnoea.  So what do we mean... Read more

Date: 03/04/2017

Endometriosis: a hidden epidemic

It’s as common as diabetes, yet so few are aware of its existence, delaying diagnosis by more than nine years!   What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a condition where cells that behave like... Read more

Date: 09/03/2017

FAQ on Tonsillectomy with Mr Paul Stimpson

Q: Am I suffering from tonsillitis? Tonsillitis causes sore throat and is associated with high temperature and pain when swallowing. You may also have ear ache, bad breath and notice white patches on the tonsils if... Read more

Date: 03/03/2017