Aspen hospitals feature in IHPN ‘Working together during Covid’ report

Aspen Healthcare’s Parkside and Highgate hospitals have been highlighted for praise in a report published by the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN).

The report, ‘Working together during Covid-19’, demonstrates how the independent sector has been working with the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that many hundreds of thousands of patients can get access to the treatment they need.

With the initial first wave of the pandemic having now passed, the report looks back at an historic partnership between the NHS and independent sector, which has seen staff, beds and equipment donated to the health service in the battle against the coronavirus.

Parkside Private Hospital

The report outlines how Parkside Private Hospital has been supporting St George’s Hospital during the pandemic to ensure that patients receive the time critical surgery they need. The private hospital is being used as a step-down facility for ambulatory trauma cases, plastics and diagnostics for St George’s Hospital.

Parkside is also supporting Kingston NHS Trust, treating paediatric dental cases and carrying out diagnostics CT scans, and has released seven of their anaesthetic ventilator machines to the NHS South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre in Epsom, which is earmarked as a Covid Centre.

Highgate Private Hospital

Highgate Private Hospital is singled out for praise in the report for its effective working partnership with Whittington Health NHS Trust. Highgate’s Hospital Director and Matron quickly established effective communications with senior Whittington Trust colleagues with the creation of IT links enabling Highgate Hospital beds to be set up as one of the Whittington’s ‘wards’ on their Patient Administration System portal, allowing postoperative orthopaedic patients being admitted to Highgate.

Daily outpatient space has also been created for immune-supressed patients to receive biological infusions, as well as a regular Parkinson’s Clinics and Falls Clinic.

David Hare, Chief Executive of IHPN, said:

“Staff working in both independent and NHS providers really have gone above and beyond to deliver the best possible care for patients – breaking down traditional organisational boundaries and collaborating in new and innovative ways – with many hundreds of thousands of patients benefitting from their hard work and dedication.”

“Now that we are, thankfully, beyond the first initial peak of the virus, it’s important to reflect on what these partnerships have achieved and to celebrate the staff working across the public and independent sectors that have sacrificed so much to deliver care for patients during this unprecedented period.”

You can read the IHPN report in full here. Since the pandemic hit, Aspen’s hospitals have implemented new safety measures designed to keep patients and staff safe. You can read more about these safety measures here.

Date: 25/08/2020
By: Mehdi