Medical Revalidation

Medical Revalidation is the process by which the General Medical Council (GMC) confirms the continuation of a doctor’s licence to practise in the UK and, in turn assures patients, the public, and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors are up to date, fit to practise in their chosen field and are able to offer a good level of care. Holding a licence to practise is an indication that a doctor continues to meet the GMC’s professional standards and Royal Colleges and Faculties’ specialist standards.

Aspen Healthcare aims to ensure the best possible environment in which all our clinical professionals can work to deliver high quality, effective and safe care to patients and this area is provided as a resource for those medical practitioners who have Aspen Healthcare as their Designated Body and to support them in meeting their revalidation requirements.

Aspen Healthcare has, as per the Medical Professional (Responsible Officers) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, a Responsible Officer who will ensure that those doctors with a prescribed connection to Aspen are appraised annually and will make recommendations to the GMC about those doctors’ fitness to practise.

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