Self-pay Patients

Consultant fees
Before you have any treatment, your consultant will ask you to attend an initial consultation. Your consultant will charge you directly for this appointment and the fee for this will vary from consultant to consultant. You can find out more about fees and what each individual consultant charges by visiting the PHIN website here

If you do need treatment or surgery you might decide to opt for one of our all-inclusive self-pay packages which offer you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much your treatment will cost, with one simple agreed price that will not change. These packages bundle up all the costs related to your treatment for example the consultant’s operating charges, anaesthetist fees, hospital care and stay, and aftercare charges into one simple fee, which is agreed before your stay. Some of these procedures and treatments may not routinely be available on the NHS; if there’s a long waiting list for an operation or procedure you need, you might like to consider coming to us for private care under the Self-pay scheme.

What to expect from private healthcare 

The Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) has developed a video to help patients understand what to expect from independent healthcare. You can view the video below:


Please visit our individual hospital/clinic websites for more details on the self-pay options by clicking the relevant link below.