Aspen initiative with Crossrail contractor secures vital kit for healthcare staff

Aspen Healthcare, which has committed its hospital staff, beds and equipment to the NHS to help the health service manage the coronavirus pandemic, has secured vital kit to ensure that personal protective equipment (PPE) for its staff is fitted correctly. Dornan Engineering, a contractor on the Crossrail project, provided the additional kit, which will help to ensure that staff are kept safe from hazards in the workplace.

Aspen has already started to distribute the newly-received kit to its hospitals in a bid to protect staff and minimise the spread of Covid-19.

The equipment was secured after Aspen put out a request on social media for PPE test kit. Dornan Engineering Services stepped up to help as protective equipment is used in the construction industry.

The company quickly assembled 35 tubes of the Bitrex fit test solution for use at Aspen’s sites, which will help to ensure that up to 700 members of healthcare staff achieve a good fit and seal of their respirator masks, and ensure safety against hazards in the workplace.

The first batch of the solution was delivered to Aspen Healthcare’s Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon, south-west London.

The solution is used in fitting special masks which are crucial in protecting healthcare staff from infection when conducting procedures that create aerosol spray, and so reduce the risk of healthcare staff being taken ill.

The innovative arrangement for Aspen to receive these resources from generous companies means that Aspen is not relying on much-needed NHS resources.

Liz Adair, Group Clinical Director at Aspen Healthcare, said:

“It’s incredibly heartening to see industries coming together to support healthcare staff, and we’re so grateful to Dornan for offering this protective equipment, and to Crossrail for putting us in touch. This is yet another example of the generosity that our hospitals and those in the NHS are seeing from the public, local companies and organisations who want to do their bit for healthcare staff at this crucial time for the country.

Aspen’s hospitals are welcoming our first NHS patients to provide essential care, and this equipment will ensure our teams are well-prepared and have the equipment they need to deliver high-quality care.”

David Mawby, Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Dornan Engineering Services, said:

“We saw a post online that a local healthcare provider was seeking help with PPE fitting, and jumped at the chance to help. We’ve not seen anything like this before in our country and had no hesitation to get involved. The work that healthcare staff across the country are doing is remarkable, and we know the Bitrex fit test solution will help to keep staff safe as they deliver essential patient care.”

Date: 14/04/2020
By: Mehdi