Aspen Quality & Governance

Aspen Healthcare strives to be the leading provider of independent healthcare and is committed to the highest quality standards of patient care.​

Quality Governance in Aspen is defined as:

“The integration of all our structures and processes across Aspen Healthcare that contribute to, and assures, patient safety, quality performance, excellence and drives our continuous improvement.”

Quality Governance Framework 
Our dynamic quality governance framework  “a framework that goes beyond compliance”  centres on nine drivers of quality and safety. This helps ensure that quality is incorporated into every one of Aspen’s hospitals and clinics and that safety, quality and excellence remains the focus of all we do, whilst delivering the highest standards of patient care.

Aspen Healthcare’s drivers of quality governance are:

1.  Clinical Safety

2.  Risk Management

3.  Clinical Effectiveness

4.  Staff Development and Management

5.  Safety and Quality Focussed Culture

6.  Governance

7.  Patient Focus

8.  Quality Information and Audit

9.  Regulatory Compliance and Accreditation

Our Quality Governance Framework is reviewed annually to ensure it rigorously aligns all elements of quality governance and clearly demonstrates our commitment to excellence and quality services, whilst reflecting best practice in governance standards.